Primary Curriculum

- phonemic awareness, letter ID, early reading and writing strategies, poetry, read-alouds, author studies, reading buddies

First and Second Grade - phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding strategies, comprehension strategies, literature circles, poetry, independent reading, spelling, Writer's Workshop, reading buddies

Kindergarten - mathematical thinking, patterns, collecting, counting, measuring, geometry, number sense

First and Second Grade - mathematical thinking, number sense, collecting and sorting data, geometry, addition, subtraction, measuring, money, time

Peaks landing The Peaks Island School is a multi-age elementary school with a rotating Integrated Studies curriculum for both the Intermediate grades (3,4,5) and the Primary grades (K,1,2). This provides a spiraling approach to topics in each unit based on The Learning Results.

Primary Curriculum for Integrated Studies

On-going themes: Citizenship, Geography, Cultures, Gardening, Dental Health, Fire Safety

Integrated Studies - Year 1

Citizenship/Rights & Responsibilities
Health: 5-2-1-0 & Dental
Physical Science: Weather
Physical Science: Oceans

Integrated Studies - Year 2

Citizenship/Rights & Responsibilities
Colonial America
Health: 5-2-1-0 & Dental
Simple Machines

Integrated Studies - Year 3

Citizenship/Rights & Responsibilities
Native Americans
Health: 5-2-1-0 & Dental
Ecology: Habitats/Animals
Ecology: Plants