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  February 2016  
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  February 2016  
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Principal’s Notes                                                                                                

February 8, 2016

Dear Peaks Island Parents,

All of the staff is incredibly proud of our students’ academic growth as demonstrated on this week’s CPAA and NWEA.  Please come to PTO on Thursday where Mr. Marenghi and I will review this data with you.

PIES rocks the Spelling World

Special shout outs to Simone Daranyi and Ellie Foster for representing our school at the Cumberland County Spelling Bee on Thursday, February 4th.  The girls did our island proud!

RRR—Evolution, project-based learning at Peaks 

The Peaks Island Elementary staff has worked tirelessly with consultant Karen MacDonald with the shared task to develop a springtime project based unit anchored by what MacDonald called “passion, standards, and real problems”.  Teachers selected the following central guiding question for the entire unit – What is the impact of trash on our island community?  This is the big idea that all Peaks children will explore.  Teachers divided up Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in this way:

K-2 Reduce—By further focusing this inquiry within the question, “How can we reduce waste in our school and why is it important?” Zoe Ryan-Humphrey's class will guide our school into more thoughtfully reducing our waste. Through the   standards of engineering and design as well as persuasive writing, K-2 children will create a book urging the use of composting as well as make PIES' first composting unit for our school's waste.

3-4 Reuse – By further focusing this inquiry within the questions, “What makes a good design? How do you do it?” Charlie Marenghi's class will take on the charge of creating a reused crank for the composting unit.  Through the standards of engineering and design as well as narrative writing, grade 3-4 children will work with Ms. Villani to design pen and ink drawings of reused materials that could be turned into the crank.

4-5 Recycle – The more specific question that will guide Ms. Mascolo's class is “How can we improve recycling in our island community?”  Kelly Mascolo's class will create a recycling unit to be used down front.  Through the 4-5 standards of engineering and design as well as persuasive writing, students will create posters to be showcased at Casco Bay Lines that describe this new initiative to island visitors. 

Our kickoff event for all students and teachers will happen on March 14th-- it will be one for the record books.... I don't want to spill the beans as the element of surprise is part of the purpose of this special event.

SCHOOL LUNCH change due to snow day on 2/5/16

Monday 2-8     Nachos w/Cheese

Tuesday 2-9     Tangerine Chicken

Wed.      2-10    Pancakes w/Syrup

Thurs.    2-11    Mac & Cheese

Friday    2-12    Meatball Sub.

Superintendent Search Surveys

If you wish to participate in the process of selecting our new PPS Superintendent, you can pick up a survey in the front hallway under the events calendar.

NWEA for grade 3-5 on February 8 and 9

 On Monday, February 8th and Tuesday, February 9th, our grades 3-5 students will show their stuff on the reading section of the NWEA.  Students in Ms. Mascolo’s class will take this test on Monday and Mr. Marenghi’s students will be taking this assessment on Tuesday. 

100th Day of School Celebration

PIES students will pause their day on Thursday afternoon in order to participate in a variety of 100th day activities.  Each classroom teacher will provide a different related activity for all students to do.  Thanks Ms. R-H, Ms. Mascolo, and Mr. Marenghi for putting this together for our students.

Student Council updates

Silly Hat/Hair day and ART Day is postponed to Friday, February 12th for all children and adults at our school.   A special thanks to Nikolai and Simone who helped organize this special day.

Literacy Day at Peaks, Thursday, February 25th

Are you ready for the Literacy Event of the Year?  Here are the details:  Please get ready to welcome three of our own award winning authors, Jamie Hogan, Anne Sibley-O'Brien, and Scott Nash for a evening celebration of literacy. From 6:15-7:30 in the evening of Thursday, February 25th, we will open the school to the whole community and invite parents and children to learn about these three authors' work and writing process.  There will be an opportunity to purchase autographed books in the evening as well. 

Kindergarten Registration

 Kindergarten Registration will begin the week after February vacation.  If you know of a family with a child who turns five by October 15th, please send them to Pam Richards in the office. She will handle the registrations. Thank you for this.

Dates to Remember

February 9 –  NO Chorus, 7:30

February 9 – After School Academy --Ice Skating/Sledding with Coach Murphy, 3:10

February 8/9 – NWEA, grades 3-5, reading

February 11 – Vision/Greening Team, 8:30, library

February 11 – 100th Day of School Celebration, 1:50

February 11 – After School Academy -- Grade 3,4,5 play writing, 3:10

February 11 – Grade 5 Trip Planning, 5:00

February 11 – PTO, 6:15

February 12 -- Fun Friday-- Crazy Hair/Hat Day and Art Day

February 12 --After School Academy – Clowning Around with Avner and Janoah, 3:10

February 13-21 SCHOOL VACATION

February 22 – School Resumes

February 22 – SAC, 5:00, library

February 23 – Chorus, 7:30

February 23 – After School Academy

February 25– After School Academy -- Grade 3,4,5 play writing, 3:10

February 25 – Literacy Celebration at Peaks, 6:15-7:15

February 26 – K-5 Book Reports and Celebration


Renee Bourgoine-Serio



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